Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Mississippi Family

So I have wanted to write this for awhile now, and I was waiting for a few pictures, but I can't wait any longer and I want to tell you about my Mississippi family!

While I was in Africa I met a group from Mississippi, they were all family and amazing!! I technically was by myself while getting to Africa. I teamed up with the Abilene/Corsicana group while traveling but while in Kenya I was kinda solo... Everybody included me and all 16 of those crazies became my family, but today I'd like to share about my Mississippi family.

We met them in Amsterdam and boy did they look tired. I spotted them from creeping on Facebook haha. We didn't get to talk to them much. When we arrived in Kenya, they got left at the airport and due to some baggage issues, Bo didn't get his suitcase and found out about a week ago, it was finally delivered to Mattaw! HA!.

So there was Bo (the dad), Alison (the mom), Cason (the oldest son), Abbey (daughter)

Holly (Aunt, sister to Alison) and Macy (the cousin).

When we missed our flight to Eldoret and had to ride a bus for 8 hours, we were given two buses. One that fit ten and the other that fit 7. I knew that Roger had a lot of teens and their group needed to stick together, so I asked Bo and Alison, if they minded if I tagged along with their group....

 But let's back up... we had to wait three hours for our bus....during this time Bo and I talked a lot about church and life back in the states. I got to know Cason and I thought "geez, these people are friendly".

So on the bus (for 8 hours)... I got to know them very well. Alison and Holly "made pictures" the majority of the way. Bo and Cason slept....actually Bo almost had a heart attack during the entire ride, due to traffic. Abbey, Macy, and myself were in the back and we talked a lot about what the week was going to hold for us.

This family = amazing. bottom line. no ifs and or buts and it! They welcomed me into their family and I honestly couldn't the trip without them...
Check out Bo's awesome outfit!!

Baba(dad) Bo: This guy! He likes to talk and I was totally okay with that! He had so much to say and I needed to hear the majority of it! He called me out a lot about my calling and made me think a lot! He was wise and had a big ole heart. He lost his suitcase, so he had to go shopping in a Kenyan market for clothes.... Bo + Kenyan clothes = funniest thing ever!! ((his shirt said PHAT farm!)).

Alison taught awesome bible stories!
Mama(mom) Alison: We didn't talk a whole lot on the bus because she was in the front with Aunt Holly, but when we got to Mattaw.... We didn't talk much but gave each other a look, it was a comforting look but still a look of hopelessness. I knew she and I were on the same page in our thought process. Alison has a HUGE heart for those kids and for missions! She and Bo have done a marvelous job raising their children (but I'll get to them in a minute). Alison, was a mother figure but also a friend. Love that lady to pieces!!

His children!
Kaka(brother) Cason: My redheaded brother! Cason in a senior in high school and boy you wouldn't know it by talking to him....very mature! He loved those children (i wish you could hear the way he said children). At one point on the bus ride, we saw some children who most likely are orphaned (David said). He and I were the biggest cry babies the whole ride. We realized we had a similar minded heart when in came to missions, and he became a great friend of mine, actually he became the little brother I never had! He is going to do BIG things in his life,so look out world!

Abbey and Blessing
Dada(sister) Abbey: This girl! She just started her freshman year of high school. She is a total sweetheart. She reminds me a lot of myself at her age. She and I realized early in the trip that we both had our eyes on a particular child at Mattaw. Hers was Georgie and mine Blessing. She and I would just sit and love on babies! She is very talented and I hope to keep up with her and watch her do BIG things like her brother. She is a picky my little sister, but boy did she like her chapati! We text a lot and keep in touch. She is a blessing, it's almost like when I get depressed and sad that I'm not in Kenya, I almost always get a text from her!

Holly at the school we went to!
Mama(mom) Holly: This lady is amazing!!! Her heart is HUGE! She loves kids and just people in general. She is fair.... she saved stuff for the children outside the village. She loved on those kids a lot! I loved watching her play games with the children. So much energy and excitement. She was kind of the peace maker.... I call her that because in any stressful moment she'd try to think of the positives... however she did get a little nervous at the attack of 600 kids ;)

Macy helping with activities!

Dada(sister) Macy: Oh Macy! She kept me laughing! She also started her freshman year of high school and she's a hoot! She is very laid back kid and she also became my little sister. She is one of those kids that isn't startled by much. She was SO go with those kids and loved on them! She'll be one of those kids you get excited to see who they become in four years! She has a heart for the needy and isn't afraid to do something about it!

So that sums up my Mississippi family, if I can ever find some of the pics I'm looking for, I'll put them on the blog at a later time.... I think there is one of Cason and I, Abbey and I, and some others of the family! Thank you Bo, Alison, Cason, Abbey, Holly, and Macy for including me in your family and for great memories! I love yall!! Hope to make a trip to the big ole state ;) of Mississippi soon! :)
Bus ride with the kids!
Abbey with Georgie and me with Blessing.
My sisters!

My redheaded brother...
Seriously, we could
pull it off! :P

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