Friday, May 24, 2013

God's Desire

Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since my last update! I just wanted to share a little story with you.

Well first off, I have graduated college, and have a teaching position! 5th grade Math at the same school I student taught at.

So now story time!! :)

 When I received my placement for my student teaching experience, I was less than excited.... My first placement was 4th grade (I did NOT want this one) and my second was Kindergarten (I did want this one). Well as I walked into my cooperating teacher's classroom in fourth grade, I heard a small calming voice say, "Child, I have called you to love the least of these". I realized that God had something very big for me in fourth grade, little did I know how big it really was. 

During my seven weeks there, I grew a deep love for my students and a heart for older children. Since I was five years old, I have always wanted to teach little kids, and have sworn "I would never teach a testing grade". I have never wanted to teach above second grade, but the Lord kept tugging at my heart during those seven weeks.... As my time was ending, and I knew I would have to leave my babies, I felt God saying "pray for fifth grade". At this point there were no openings in the fifth grade and I wasn't sure why I would pray for that, but I did. God had given me the desire to teach fifth grade, to teach these beautiful children in fifth grade. 

So, as the Lord asked, I prayed for fifth grade, not knowing exactly what I was praying for, but boy was I praying... I gave my resume to the principal, not knowing why I was doing it, because there were no openings as far as I knew, but I was actively working and praying for a fifth grade position that was nonexistent...... Spring Break happened and when I went back, our principal sent a newsletter out..... One of the fifth grade teachers were leaving.... answered prayer? Shortly after I found out they were leaving, my principal came into my class and let me know that he wanted to interview me.... ANSWERED PRAYER!!

This whole thing is crazy, within two weeks of my interview in late March, I had a job!! 5th grade math teacher, and I was beyond excited! Now let's keep going.... MATH?!? Math was never my favorite subject, but God kept saying pray for math, so I did it, reluctantly..... Now as I am planning my lessons, I am so excited to teach math and help my students grasp the concepts that were always so hard for me to grasp. 

Now last part of God's desires becoming my desire.... San Angelo. Since I moved here, I have hated it and wanted to move back to my home in north Texas. I had looked forward to moving back, but then my lovely man came into my life, and at that point I grew a strange love for San Angelo... Is it my home? No, by no means, and yes I do miss my north Texas home, but every day I see things that make me love this crazy town more every day... The only way that happens is threw Jesus Christ. He is giving me a love for my new town, because as it looks, I'll be here for awhile! And I'm okay with that!!

So all this said, me staying in San Angelo, me meeting Jeremy, me student teaching at Holiman, me praying for fifth grade, me having a love for those fourth graders, me opening my heart to new experiences, is all Jesus! This was God's desire for my life, and when I let him take charge, his desires became my desires and I am so totally happy! Now let's get this school year rockin and a rollin! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Well guys I am 33 days from graduating college!!! YIKES! I can't believe I'm that old! ;)

Here are some fun facts and pictures of my life the past few months.

1. Student Teaching is fun, but I am ready for my own classroom. I loved my fourth graders and I love my kindergartners  but my heart is with older ones.

I had 54 4th graders! :)


4th grade!

Cutting the cake (Jeremy's family got to celebrate with us! )

2. I turned 22 on Easter Sunday.

Sweetest man... Cake all over!

6 months at Rangers game

3. Jeremy and I have been toghether for 6 months! (WOW how time flies!!)

4. I don't really have much of a life because I am so tired when I get home, that I just crash.

5. Jeremy and I have had a rough semester, we only see each other on weekends, unless it's a special circumstance, so I'll be glad when school is over for a little bit.

6. I am very ready for summer to hang out with my friends again.

7.  Life is good and busy, but I'm a happy girl!!

That's about it for now, hope you enjoyed my little update.... hopefully in a couple weeks, I'll have big news for you......stay tuned! ;)

Baseball is Back in Action

Well this weekend my lovely wonderful boyfriend took me to opening weekend at Ranger Stadium to celebrate our 6 month and my 22nd birthday! (I love that man!)

Anywho... this season is going to be a little different, the Rangers lost Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Mike Napoli, and Brandon Snyder.... But we're still gonna do big things....

However; I want to talk about Josh Hamilton....

The man claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I am no judge to that, and as far as I am concerned he is my brother in Christ.... I have read his book, I have watched him relapse, and I have cheered for him till I was blue in the face.

When Josh left he made some bold statements about Texas and his former team... statements such as "They aren't a true baseball town", little did he know, he just woke up the momma bear..

Think about it a mother bear for a minute.... they watch their cubs and take care of them... and when they feel threatened or that their cub has been hurt, all heck breaks loose.

So here is how I see it, Texas is the cub and the people in it are the momma bears. Little did Josh know, Texas has more Momma bears then he probably was expecting...

I was at the ballpark and every time Josh stepped up to bat, the boos were deafening ... he struck out 3 out of the 4 times and got walked once.... His record is at this point (i'm watching Sunday nights game) is 2-22..... NOT GOOD!!!

After Friday's game back in Texas Josh made some bold statements comparing his life to one of the most crucial times in Jesus Christ's life and made them his own......BOLD!

 "I will never take back what I said,'' Hamilton said, "until they show up every night for 30 years.''

"Once the alcohol got flowing good,'' Hamilton said, smiling. "Honestly, man, that was louder than any playoff game I've been to. They expressed themselves how they wanted to express themselves today.''

"Somebody came and shared that with me,'' Hamilton said. "Where did people get on Jesus the most? In his hometown. It's one of those things, where baseball-wise, this is my hometown. They got after it.''

These were just a few of the statements he made of the fans at Texas.... so here is my thoughts.

1. We stood near him through thick and thin and let me say 2 relapses. 
2. We supported him and still cheered for him when you were sucking it up big time last season.
3. Don't mess with Texas (I mean he lived here 5 years, surely he knew that was our motto)
4. Show grace..... even if we boo him, Jesus was booed yet still loved... he didn't come back with more vicious comments.
5. His wife shouldn't come to the games (totally different story, but seriously if you already have security and call for more because people said bad things to you, put your big girl panties on and deal with it.... you aren't the president, no one needs that much security, you knew the risk of coming to the game.)
6. Texas turned on him because he turned on us.... (was it right, probably not, but it goes back to the momma bear thing)

Here are some of my other thoughts....

A town can be both a baseball town and a football town. I have been a Ranger fan since I was 4 years old, and even when we had a horrific record and had no glimpse of hope to making it to the playoffs, that stadium was always filled.... We support our team, even when we lost game 6 in the world series, we supported. We stood near our team.....

I will also say, I know so many fans who supported him when him relapsed (both times) because like it or not, Texas (Ranger fans) are well known for their God fearing lives. We support. I know I don't know every fan or have statistics, but when a prayer is said at the ballpark or a christian band is at the ballpark, the ballpark is packed. 

I just am disappointed in him. I am saddened by his statements and his arrogance ... He isn't god. He is a baseball player, who in my opinion just signed a contract for way more than he is worth, and all I have to say is the poor angels... 

We are a baseball town. We will support our team, and we don't need him, but as momma bears we are going to protect our cub (Texas Rangers). 

Yesterday even Ian Kinsler, after Josh had struck out (AGAIN), Josh ran up to him, mid inning, and Ian looked at him and kept running away, which left Josh stranded in the middle all by himself....I wanted to yell......this is what you get when you dig yourself in a hole....

Now my beilefs on this.

Everybody deserves forgiveness, will he get it from all the fans? I don't think so, I think he will always get booed... I do think he will get a smaller dose of boos if he showed some humility and apologize. 

I mean it works that way for us too.... We screw up and say things we shouldn't have, but it's our job to take a humble attitude and ask for forgiveness... I think if Josh does that, then life will be easier on him when he comes back to Texas....

As far as my personal feelings go towards Josh, he's my brother in Christ, and I honor that...but I won't lie, I did my share of Boo-ing yesterday and when he struck out (three times) I cheered quite loudly..... Don't mess with our cub.... I am a big baseball fan, and I stick to my team.... As a Christian I respect him, but as a baseball player, no way jose.... He messed with the wrong Momma bear! 

Okay that's it......... GO RANGERS!! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

3 Months till Graduation and My Life is so Busy

So far this semester I have been really busy and to be honest sometimes it’s a bit much to handle, but I know God has my back. So let me explain what this semester has been like.
To start off with I am in an elementary school five days a week for about eight to nine hours a day. I am pretty much a teacher, without the pay or name. I teach and prepare lessons, I walk the kids to P.E. and music, and I take them to lunch, and walk them to their cars after school. In all aspects I have become a teacher. I really could ask for anything better. I love this “job”. There are many times it becomes overwhelming and I become very discouraged, but then a hug of a student or one of my struggling students aces their spelling test and I know I am doing what I am called to do.
So let me back up… I am still in college, on top of student teaching I have three online classes and they keep me very busy outside the classroom. I honestly don’t have a life outside of teaching and my online classes. When I just took classes I had my girls with me, we’d go out in the evening, I’d get to talk to people who were over 4 feet tall, but now It’s a blessing to talk to someone over 4 feet tall. I occasionally make it to our college worship service on Monday, if I’m not buried in papers to grade and occasionally to lifegroup. In all aspects my life has been overwhelmed with children and homework. I have lost many friends through this, but I know the ones I have kept are such blessings! My amazing boyfriend supports me and is there to encourage and help wherever he can. I only get to see him on the weekends now and it’s been really hard. I miss him A LOT, but I know this is only temporary.
I know a few are frustrated with me… I just don’t think they honestly understand what I go through on a daily basis. I don’t just put up with kids and teach them. I am fulfilling my calling (God’s calling) in my life. I love these kids as Jesus would. These kids at ages 9 and 10 have stories you wouldn’t even imagine. There are many days I leave in tears for the pain those babies have to go through in this life. If I could have more of a social life I would. I miss my girls, I miss hanging out with friends, but I am stepping into the grown up world now. I am becoming an adult in all sense of the word. I graduate in three months, and then this the life I am living now becomes my reality. I am so grateful that Jeremy understands that and my lifegroup girls understand that, I just wish others would grasp this concept. I am not being lazy or inconsiderate. I am exhausted when I come home, yet I still have so much to do.
 I know people still won’t get this after reading and I understand that I cannot make everybody see through the eyes of a teacher. It’s not just a 7-3 job. I’m on my feet 8 hours a day desperately working for these kids to understand the material…. Yes, plenty of people stand all day, but when you have the future in your hands it becomes a little more pressing matter.  It’s so much more, especially for me. I love these children as Jesus has called me to, and although I’m doing what God has called for my life, it is exhausting! Totally rewarding, but 100% exhausting, the things I see, hear, and deal with on a daily basis is a lot to take in.
So this semester is going to be rough and hard! I am not going to get to hang out with people, friends, my man as much as I would like….because honestly I wish I could all day. I miss them all dearly, but I know God is in control and with his guidance this will all make sense and work perfectly in his plan. Teaching isn’t a career, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a life where you push the pause button and love children who are not your own, but you know that this is the only love they get. You pause your personal desires to fulfill desires of the children to be held accountable for their learning. You pause your social aspects to help one child reach their full potential. I am sorry for those who are upset with my lifestyle changes, but I am doing the will of God, actually I’m in the will of God.
Another big thanks to my family for giving me encouragement when days get rough, my lifegroup girls who just listen and pray for my students, and my AMAZING boyfriend who knows this semester is rough with his busy schedule and mine, but with Christ as the center of our relationship we will make it through it!
Now off to my classroom Valentine ’s Day party….. at least 50 cupcakes, 20 bags of candy, chips, dip, cake balls, and chocolate….. YIKES!!! So much SUGAR! 

My kiddos are so sweet! :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012!

Hey guys, so I know I recently updated, but I thought I'd give a run down on my year.... being that it is December 31st. :)

Okay so let's hit the high points of each month! :) Be prepared for lots of pictures :)

  • I applied January 11 to go to Kenya!
  • Started my last semester of actual classes (not practicums or student teaching)
  • I had to come to a reality check with relationship stuff.
  • My lil sister turned 16!
  • Erin and I went to FanFest for her birthday where we got to see the Rangers up and personal!
Going to AFRICA!!

With Katie Hamilton

Getting Nolan Ryan's autograph

My sister's coronation!


  • Started fundraising for Kenya and raised half my money.
  • Got in a religious debacle with a lady.... turned out pretty cool, because my awesome bible study girls and I had a deep 4 hour bible study, where 2 of them gave their lives to Christ! The devil did not win that day!! :)
  • Pretty boring month actually....
Chillin in Physical Science haha
Bible Study girls!

Bible Study Girls at the lake


  • Spring Break to Arizona to spring training for the Texas Rangers!! A BLAST!
  • My entire trip was funded and paid for!!
  • I turned 21!!
  • First alcoholic beverage......not that good...actually not good at all! haha.
21st Birthday

21st Birthday

Spring Training

Saw Destiny at Spring Training

With Matt Harrison 


  • First Rangers Game! 
  • My bible study girls and I went on a mission trip to Arlington Texas, where we worked at Mission Arlington and got to go Rangers game! check out our story
First Rangers Game

Mission Trip to Arlington

Mission Arlington


  • Finished the semester
  • Moved into my own apartment with an awesome roommate!
  • Worked a LOT!


  • Worked a lot
  • Hung out with the girls
  • Weekend with my roommate to go watch the Rangers!
  • Spent a day in the hospital due to an anxiety attack gone bad.

In the hospital

Rangers game with the roommate!


  • AFRICA!!!!!
  • wanna read more about my trip across the pond check it out! Way too much to say to write it on here.... click here
  • or check some more out here
  • I met my boyfriend, but didn't know it at the time :)


  • Worked a lot in August
  • Officially started to "get to know" my boyfriend
  • Had my last first day of school as a student....EVER!
  • Started Upward Cheerleading as the Director and had 70 beautiful little girls!
First day of school

My squad at the beginning of the season


  • School kicked in quickly!
  • I started teaching!
  • Jeremy met my parents
  • Jeremy and I continued to "talk"
  • I got very active with Chi Alpha (college ministry)
  • Started going to First Assembly of God and LOVE IT!

My amazing cheer coaches!

First day of teaching


All my girls


  • I finally could call Jeremy my boyfriend... click here
  • School started kicking my butt!
  • Still lots of Cheerleading going on!
  • I think I literally became exhausted at this point
  • My sister and the Mineral Wells Volleyball team made Mineral Wells history!

At sisters volleyball game

Getting our dance on

My squad mid season


  • Semester was ridiculous!
  • I took Jeremy home for Thanksgiving
  • Jeremy was in a car accident (he's fine)
  • Cheerleading was officially over!
  • Jasmin and I took our boys on a scavenger hunt, and ended in a romantic picnic dinner!
Black Friday shopping

with mom and grandma

childhood friend and her children

sister, cousin, and me

with the boys

My squad at the end of the season!


  • My mom spent some time in the hospital, but she's okay! Thank you Jesus!
  • My amazing boyfriend got me a beautiful Christmas present
  • I finished the semester off with a 3.80 GPA
  • I went home for Christmas and spent it with my family.
  • Jeremy and I spent the last few days of December just relaxing!
  • My beautiful friend Jasmin got engaged to the awesome Marty!
First day and last day 

with the parents

present from Jeremy

I really do feel that through the year God has grown me and taught me so much. I do not live my life for me, but for God and to further his kingdom. I think this year my eyes were opened to so much. I saw starvation, physically and spirituality  I saw false teachings, I saw a church want only popularity, I saw friends surrender their lives, I experienced so much and through it all God revealed himself to me. I got to a point where i totally relied on him and he put the man of my dreams in my life. I saw him heal and bring restoration. I saw him change lives and impact lives forever! It was a great year! :)

So that's my year in a nutshell! It was a great year and I cannot express enough how much I thank all you who were a part of it! :)

Happy New Year and make 2013 count!