Friday, May 24, 2013

God's Desire

Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since my last update! I just wanted to share a little story with you.

Well first off, I have graduated college, and have a teaching position! 5th grade Math at the same school I student taught at.

So now story time!! :)

 When I received my placement for my student teaching experience, I was less than excited.... My first placement was 4th grade (I did NOT want this one) and my second was Kindergarten (I did want this one). Well as I walked into my cooperating teacher's classroom in fourth grade, I heard a small calming voice say, "Child, I have called you to love the least of these". I realized that God had something very big for me in fourth grade, little did I know how big it really was. 

During my seven weeks there, I grew a deep love for my students and a heart for older children. Since I was five years old, I have always wanted to teach little kids, and have sworn "I would never teach a testing grade". I have never wanted to teach above second grade, but the Lord kept tugging at my heart during those seven weeks.... As my time was ending, and I knew I would have to leave my babies, I felt God saying "pray for fifth grade". At this point there were no openings in the fifth grade and I wasn't sure why I would pray for that, but I did. God had given me the desire to teach fifth grade, to teach these beautiful children in fifth grade. 

So, as the Lord asked, I prayed for fifth grade, not knowing exactly what I was praying for, but boy was I praying... I gave my resume to the principal, not knowing why I was doing it, because there were no openings as far as I knew, but I was actively working and praying for a fifth grade position that was nonexistent...... Spring Break happened and when I went back, our principal sent a newsletter out..... One of the fifth grade teachers were leaving.... answered prayer? Shortly after I found out they were leaving, my principal came into my class and let me know that he wanted to interview me.... ANSWERED PRAYER!!

This whole thing is crazy, within two weeks of my interview in late March, I had a job!! 5th grade math teacher, and I was beyond excited! Now let's keep going.... MATH?!? Math was never my favorite subject, but God kept saying pray for math, so I did it, reluctantly..... Now as I am planning my lessons, I am so excited to teach math and help my students grasp the concepts that were always so hard for me to grasp. 

Now last part of God's desires becoming my desire.... San Angelo. Since I moved here, I have hated it and wanted to move back to my home in north Texas. I had looked forward to moving back, but then my lovely man came into my life, and at that point I grew a strange love for San Angelo... Is it my home? No, by no means, and yes I do miss my north Texas home, but every day I see things that make me love this crazy town more every day... The only way that happens is threw Jesus Christ. He is giving me a love for my new town, because as it looks, I'll be here for awhile! And I'm okay with that!!

So all this said, me staying in San Angelo, me meeting Jeremy, me student teaching at Holiman, me praying for fifth grade, me having a love for those fourth graders, me opening my heart to new experiences, is all Jesus! This was God's desire for my life, and when I let him take charge, his desires became my desires and I am so totally happy! Now let's get this school year rockin and a rollin! :)