Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hey guys!

Update from me,

School starts in a couple weeks, I can honestly say I'm excited, because this is my last year!!! WOOPIE!!

I have decided to do my student teaching here in San Angelo, which means I get another 6 months with my awesome roommate, so as much as I'd like to go home, it will be nice to stay with her here.

I start Upward Cheerleading next week. I am the Cheer Commissioner. I have 9 squads and about 18 coaches with about 70 something girls! I'm excited!! RA RA RA!

I am working a lot, it's been a tad stressful lately, but it's still good. I love people coming in and being able to tell about my adventure in Africa! AND we finally have TOMS shoes and sunglasses (why it's been stressful, those suckers make us super busy)

My sister started volleyball up again, she rocking and a rolling! Love that little girl (not so little anymore, she'll be 17 in January!!! 0: haha)

I haven't been that into baseball, don't shoot! I just have used my time in other ways lately... it's sad, I miss watching my boys, but i cheer them on through my ESPN app on my phone.

I found out earlier this week that Caleb is coming to San Angelo to go to school. Caleb is a friend from Kenya... I don't know if I will see him much, but it will be nice to know there's a little bit of Kenya in town!

My team from Kenya and I are selling t-shirts to raise money to buy clothes for the children of Birunda.... YOU SHOULD BUY ONE! shoot me a comment if you want one! They're twenty bucks!

I had to buy a new pair of tennis shoes, I had some weird attachment to my old ones and refuse to wash off the Kenyan dirt, so I got a new pair. I just can't get myself to clean the others.... I know it's ridiculous.

That's about it for right now!! I'll post more laters! :)

Love to all!

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