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Heart Strings: Kenya

So when it comes to children you aren’t suppose to have favorites, and many times people assume I have favorites, but in all reality I don’t…. Instead I like to call them heart strings. I believe I have thousands and thousands of heart strings, and who decides to pull harder on their assigned string is up to God… As you know I have been to Kenya recently and I had so many heart strings pulled and pulled hard. I want to tell you about some of my heart strings, but we need to travel back to my very first heart string and hit some major heart strings along the way….

My first heart string goes out to my beautiful baby sister, who is now a beautiful young woman!

I wanted a little sister SO bad and when I got her, gosh I was elated. She is my best friend and the best sister a girl could ask for. EK started off my life of heart strings. I remember wanting to be involved with every little thing when she was a baby… EK had wet burps and so one night I put on every t-shirt I owned and had this brilliant plan, that when she would spit up on me, I’d just take off that t-shirt and I’d be ready to go! Haha! Now Erin is a junior in high school, gorgeous, funny, smart, athletic, and an amazing lady of God!! I’m one lucky girl to have her pull one of my heart strings

So in between age 5 and 19 I had hundreds of heart strings, but I want to skip ahead to 19. I'll show some pics at the end of this blog of some other heart strings....

Blanca and Alfredo on second visit to Peru.
Two heart strings that hit me while in an orphanage in Peru. There was a language barrier and with my broken spanish, we managed to create a sweet friendship. Blanca and Alfredo never left my side that hour we were allowed in the orphanage. I cried when I left them, but I made a promise you aren't suppose to make. I told them "I'll be back", sure enough a year and a half later I came back, and they remembered me. They were older but still amazingly beautiful. Through my broken spanish we made our friendship a little stronger. :)

Blanca on first visit to Peru.
Alfredo on first visit to Peru.
Blanca on first visit to Peru.

Blanca on second visit to Peru.

Blanca on second visit to Peru.

Picture credit goes to Mattaw Children,
This is House three family
Now this next heart string is divided 70+ different ways, don't worry, I'm not going to talk about 70 different children, but I am going to talk about a few.... While I was in Kenya, I was immediately drawn to the doors of house three. I am not sure why that house, but I felt like I was to go inside. Little did I know at the time, but the little girl I had been praying for lived there, and her house mama now plays a huge part of my life. Between Joseph and Grace pouring love and words of wisdom in my life, those children puled hard on those strings of mine. I could talk about all fifteen children, but I'll spare you. :) I do want to show you pictures of a few and give a brief story on them.

I am going to talk about this little one. If you read any of my earlier blogs, you've read a lot about this angel. Blessing is a blessing. She is so beautiful and so amazing. If you want to read her story, check out this blog .

Through her nonverbal, tiny body, she showed me so much Jesus and changed my life little does she know.

Meet Emmanuel. :) Sweet boy!
House Three Kiddos

This is Chumba (left) and Claire (right). I tried to get Chumba to come to me a million times that day, but he refused.
When Claire and I were taking a picture, he leaned in for the picture and we started a friendship! love that little boy.

Now I am going to take the time to tell you about Mama Grace, if you read previous blogs, I'm sorry.
When I met Mama Grace she and her husband Joseph and I sat down at the kitchen table and talked about baby blessing, but then Joseph wanted to know about me. So I began telling them about me, and there was a look in Grace's eye, I can't explain....After our chores, Grace laidout a blanket outside the house. I had Blessing and she had Chumba and we began talking. Her words will never leave me, "Don't miss God's calling on your life." "I do not think he brought you here for a one time trip, I believe God had big plans for you." Every day, Grace and Blessing were my first stop at Mattaw. Grace would welcome me with a big hug and give me words of wisdom for the day. It was the very last day that got me. As I was bawling my eyes out and the children were escorting us to the vans, Grace caught me. She embraced me and began to pray over me. She told me again, "to not miss God's calling in my life" Then thanked me for a friendship and for loving the children. I was only there a few days, but the friendship came about with Grace was lasting and so life changing. That lady is an amazing woman of God and has more love for her children. I miss her so much!

Now I am going to tell you about a few of the older girls from House Three. Christin, Mercy, and Mary. Oh my lanta! These girls are fabulous. One day, the sun was beaming down on the village, and I was hot, so with Chumba and Blessing I found shade under the little porch of the house. I saw the girls peeping over the corner of the house, and I invited them to sit with me. We laughed and talked for a good hour before starting VBS activities. Gosh they were amazing! Mary, I'd like to brag about. This girl has a voice! She can sing sing sing! She is an amazing little singer, and she uses her talent for the Lord. She reminded me of when I use to sing. I was no where near as good as she is, but I remember singing every day, and loving it. When I got to college, I let my gift that the Lord had given me fall into the shadows. I miss singing SOOO much. So i sat down Mary and shared that with her, and told her to never stop singing. She blesses people every time she sings and is glorifying God when she sings!

So I'll let that be all of house three heart strings, all though I could go on for a good page more or so ;) I'd like to now just show you pictures of some other heart strings throughout the years.

 This is Darius. One of my first mission trips to Arlington. He lived under a bridge. 
  Liliana Grace! We've been together since she was 6 weeks old and she's almost 5! Love her!

  Liliana Grace and Jacelyn Faith! Two girls from back home who are sweeties!! :)

 Emmalynn! This sweet girl is my cousin. She had a rough life the first few years of her life, but my uncle David and aunt Nikki adopted her, and now she is one of the most amazing little girls. She has a bright future! :)

 JJ! My other little cousin! He's a mess, but the moment he was born he took hold of his heart string and pulled. He's a sweet little boy! :)

 Major Houston! My cousin. He was a surprise baby. My aunt had had twins about seven years earlier and was done. It was me then five years later my sister, one year later the twins.... Erin (my sis) and the twins were so close, they always played together, but I was "too old". So I like to believe God gave me Major, so I could have a little buddy too! :) 
 This is all the cousins on my moms side. We're really close and  I love them too pieces! :)

 This is Jailynne. Her mom and grandma have taken me in while in San Angelo, and welcomed me into their family. I call her my niece and as I have watched her grow up, I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming! She is one heck of a blessing! :)

 This past spring semester we went to work in Arlington, and these are the girls I got to hang out with! Gosh they are awesome!

Orphanage in Peru
Orphanage in Peru
My awesome helpers! Daniel and David!
God has big plans for these boys!
At Birunda Rescue Center in Kenya

Baby Blessing

This is Noah! Noah was the first
Mattaw Child I met!

Mattaw Child

Mattaw Choir

Birunda Rescue Center Child

House three children
The whole Mattaw Gang!

The cool thing is this is such a small portion of my heart strings. I probably could tell stories about all my Peruvian heart strings and Kenyan heart strings....not to mention all the American ones. I have had thousands of heart strings and know there are thousands more still to come! I like to think about all my future heart strings. The ones by my own children. The one of my future husband, and thinking about that heart string adds thousands because when we meet our heart strings will twist and turn and multiply! I just wanted to share with you some of my heart strings as of now! God has blessed me with some beautiful heart strings! :)

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