Monday, September 6, 2010


Patience, is a word I think we all hate. It tells us to wait, it tells us to relax, it tells us to trust in something other than ourselves. I personally have a huge problem with patience.
I have a life plan for myself. And i'm gonna go ahead and explain it to you.
-graduate college and find mr. right
-work for a couple years
-start a family (be a stay at home mom)
-start working again when my kids are all in school
-travel when my kids graduate

That's an outline, each one is very specific and i have poured many thoughts into each one. The problem is, is that it is MY plan. Yes I do everything, or try to do everything for the power of God, but however; this is on my ideas. Psalms 75:2a says "God says, "At the time I have planned..." I love that, because it tells me one thing very specifically that it's HIS time not mine. So i am learning to have patience. To put my plan aside and trust in HIS plan, because obviously it's a lot better than mine.

So challenge: Are you being patient?