Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Night I won't Forget. :)

Hey guys, so I thought about making a long facebook status about this, but it would take too long and I couldn't give you all the details. I really debated about doing this, but I have got to brag on a certain guy and my best friend/roommate!

Let me start off by saying today was my lazy day, I had zero intentions of getting out of bed, let alone seeing anybody... So around 4:30 my sweet roommate asked me if I was still up for helping her babysit. I for the life of me could not figure out why she would  need me to come help her babysit a four year old.... She is perfectly capable ... So at 5:15 I decided to get out of bed and go "help" her. I make it to her parent's house and wait on her to arrive with the child. She gets there and the little girl keeps saying she is hungry, and Analara keeps making her color..... I finally told Analara (being totally clueless by the way), "let's just take her to d-i-n-n-e-r..." Finally at 6:45, Analara stepped out so I got the little girl ready to go. I kept telling Analara I'd go with her to Mr. Gatties, because Jeremy (the boy) was meeting with a friend and I wasn't going to see him till later tonight. So we get the little girl in her car seat, I was going to follow in my own car when I received a call from Jeremy, his "dinner" was over and he wanted to hang. So I decided I'd just go back to my apartment....

I get to my apartment with every intention to throw on some perfume, fix my hair, and make-up... So key goes in the lock, I open the door, and look directly to my right to see my kitchen table bench has been moved, my heart was a little panicked  Then i see a glow coming from my table and right in front of my sitting in the recliner was Jeremy! The table was set with candles, fancy glasses, and plates. :) He had cooked me dinner (it was good!). He stood up and hugged me, He was wearing nice slacks, a fancy button down shirt, and looked gooood! ;) I then look towards my room and see a dress hanging on my door, and he told me my attire was waiting for me..... So i went to change into a beautiful dress, he asked my roommate help him pick it out! I came back out and we had a beautiful candlelit dinner.

Now for the good stuff.... Jeremy and I have been "talking" since the first of September, and I was trying to patiently wait for the question... you know the "Ashlee will you be my girlfriend" question! ;) So after dinner and before dessert, Jeremy Martinez asked me to be his girlfriend :) I had been waiting for the question, but I wasn't expecting my reaction to the question.... I cried! If you haven't met Jeremy, he's an AMAZING guy. He loves Jesus more than anything in this world, and it is portrayed through his life. We then talked about a Christ centered relationship and ate some yummy dessert!

After dinner we did dishes and got back into normal clothes, and he took me to watch Taken 2! (good movie, not as good as Taken 1, but still good) Anyway! Tonight was a night you see in movies, or you dream up as a little girl. I couldn't even believe it happened to me! My brain was running a million miles an hour when I see him sitting in my living room! I know I asked a million questions, poor guy! haha! It was a night I will and cannot ever forget! It was my fairy tale!

So to everybody who knew and had been lying to me for awhile..... cough cough! I love yall and thank you so much for being apart of this, especially to my roommate, who helped Jeremy with tonight! Love you girl, and cherish our friendship sooooo much! :) And for those who just found out like myself tonight! I love yall too, just not as much..... JK JK! I just wanted to share this amazing night with yall! :) well I'm going to bed now, got church in the morning..... I think I might have to wear that dress! :) lol.

Night! :)

p.s. no I didn't take pictures tonight, I was too lost in the moment...

Update on Life

Hey guys, hope everybody is doing great! I know I haven't updated as much as I'd like, but I thought I would today... It's a whopping 57 degrees outside, light rain, and I'm cuddled up watching movies so i thought I would write yall!

So let's start off with School....... YUCK! I am drowning in lesson plans! This semester I am actually in the classrooms and am teaching certain grades.
I am teaching 1st grade reading, 2nd grade social studies, and 2nd grade math and science.  WOOO :)

I also am a paid tutor for 9th grade freshman at the high school here. Let me just tell you, I have to learn to turn on my little kid teacher voice and my big kid teacher voice. It's been fun! I really enjoy it.

Next let's talk about Upward Cheer...... I am in love with my girls and coaches! I have a pretty awesome squad and love it immensely! It takes a lot out of me, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I coach the Rockets (2nd-3rd graders) We have a blast! I have an awesome assistant coach and some great cheer moms! My upward coaches have become great friends and I love them to pieces! My favorite time is before practices to sit and talk about our weeks, laugh, encourage, or just vent! They're amazing!! :)

Church......  so this might shock some people, but I am currently going to First Assembly of God church in San Angelo. I grew up and was raised baptist, but I was invited to go to First Assembly and went and loved it. There are some things that don't match my baptist upbringing, but I love it. I go there on Monday nights also because they have a HUGE college organization there... it's called Chi Alpha. I love it! Awesome time of worship! :) I've been going off and on since my freshman year but this year I'm connected in there and love it. There are some amazing people that go there and I have made some amazing friends there :)

What's been going on in my Spiritual Life..... honestly, I don't know where to start here... I have been learning a lot about myself. This semester has all been about the word "overwhelmed", it would be so easy for me to freak out and panic attacks because this life is hard, BUT no way jose I'm not worrying about that anymore. I know that as long as I serve the Lord and work hard then I'm going to be okay! There is no reason to be overwhelmed or stressed, I serve a God that is bigger than that!!
 I've also learned that my wants and desires for my life are not God's. I don't want to get into too much detail, but I have had this list since I was a little girl in what I wanted in a person...... and I've learned that my list and God's list are totally different. Why just ask for the average things, why not ask for more than you can imagine, and if it's based around God and is God centers he supplies. I have so many times thought I wasn't worth enough as a person to be a good person for someone else, so since i underestimated myself I also underestimated my relationships, whether it be with a boy, friends, coworkers, family members. God has so much more planned for me and sees me as his daughter and I need to try and see myself through God's eyes...

Well that's a quick update... I think I need a nap now on this cold, dreary Saturday! :)
I'll end with some pictures from the past few weeks! Enjoy :)

Teaching on Adjectives.

Teaching on Plot

Actually in the classroom teaching! :)

my cheerleaders!

My Squad the Rockets! :) LOVE THEM!

Karl and I at the Pep-rally!

Coach Jill and Coach Ashlee

My girls at the Pep-Rally

Coach Kara and Coach Ashlee

Girls at Chi Alpha in our D.B.A shirts

This is Jeremy! In our D.B.A shirts! 
This is my best friend... he enjoys teasing me :(

Love these girls! :) We go to flag football game every
Wednesday nights!

And we grade papers there -___- :)

Praying for the children of Kenya

Praying for the children of Kenya

Tis the Season

Welp, my least favorite thing happened last night.... the Rangers season came to a close.

I haven't posted much about the rangers this season, due to how busy i am. I watched the majority of the games and cheered and rooted for them the whole way. So here are my thoughts on the Rangers, and the 2012 season.

1. During Spring Training while we were there watching, I had a feeling (one of those deep gut feelings) that this season wasn't going to end in our favor.

2. As the games went on, our attitude wasn't in it. I think we had let the previous seasons get to our head a bit.

3. I feel our rookies did GREAT!! Yu, Robbie, and the others really brought their A games.

4. If we wouldn't have lost Colby Lewis, Neftali Feliz, and of the other pitchers, I feel like we would have had more of a chance. Our bullpen is good, I just don't think we had a good grasp on how to run it.

5. Josh Hamilton needs to go. I love the man, but he I'm done with him. His attitude towards the team and the game has changed. He wants 10 years, but isn't worth 10 years. I have a feeling his baseball attitude has changed from humble to Yankee.. and he needs to go.

6. The team stayed positive with each other, and for the most part the boys had good attitudes throughout the season. They played a united front.

7. There is a big plus side to us not going past the wild card game..... we have a chance to lose all those dumb bandwagoner fans! Who needs them? NOT US! At Spring Training I was sick of seeing people who knew nothing about baseball or the boys, yet were all up on them...... PEOPLE ARE DUMB!.... any  who so we could lose those fans AND ticket pricing might go down a bit! That's good for me because I could go to more games next season! :)

8. I am about sick of all these people talking negative about the team, as if they lost on purpose.... As Wash say "that the way baseball go"

9. Yes, we lost, yes there were things that could have gone differently, but support your team!!

10. There's no crying in baseball!!

A few of my favorite baseball quotes:

It breaks your heart.  It is designed to break your heart.  The game begins in spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone.  ~A. Bartlett Giamatti, "The Green Fields of the Mind," Yale Alumni Magazine, November 1977

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.  I'll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.  ~Rogers Hornsby