Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not a Fan! Let's take a stand!

I have been pretty disgusted with people, I know not Christlike, but let me explain!

First off, know that I love children, I love missions, I do not live on this planet for myself.....but for Jesus Christ.

Okay with that said, let's get started..... If you are on facebook or any social media (which i assume since you are reading this, you are) You have seen the videos, posters, pictures for Kony 2012.... If you have just seen them and haven't watched the video, take a minute and watch it real quick, then keep reading. (it's posted at the bottom of this blog).

If you have seen it, you know that there has been a man, who for the last 26 years, has abducted, raped, killed, abused, etc 31,000 small children..... the boys are made into child soldiers and the girls are forced into sex slavery.....just in case you don't understand the word children, go to any local park on any given day and look. (they are small, innocent, helpless, little humans) For 26 years this man has gotten away with this, and finally something is being done about it...... Praise Jesus! But big whoop if we don't do something...

Let me explain:
We have made awareness by copying the link and posting it on our page, some of you have bought the action kit, become sponsors.... but how do OUR lives change?????? now I am not just talking Kony 2012, but I am talking about the thousands upon thousands of situations that are like this one, that haven't been brought to the public's attention.

As a Christian, I feel a lot of responsibility..... No, I'm not saying that I made Kony do this, but why haven't we, as Christians, been more progressive with getting out the good news of Christ out there........ Crap! Why haven't we been more progressive with getting the good news of Christ out there with our own country.

God called us to be his ambassadors, his servants, his hands and feet.......yet we worry about shoes and getting our hair did (yes, i'm guilty). We live in a very plush life, whether the government has it together or not, we live in a country where we can walk outside, without having to look over our shoulder from a man trying to abduct our children, rape women, or kill.... We have got to get a reality check people...

Part of me, I guess, since I have been out of America and have seen, this hits home HARD, but we have got to STOP STOP STOP being selfish Americans. We don't deserve that we were born in this country.... we were blessed. We could be one of those children who have been abducted in Uganda.

It' says in Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” .......Let me break that down for you in today's time.

Jerusalem: your home town!
Judea: your state!
Samaria: your country!
ends of the earth: other countries!

So how do we do that?

first off, for me, I'm a college student, and this semester have been given the opportunity to lead a bible study for education majors (my major)! It's been incredible! I've seen girls come to the Lord, grow, and lead each other to Christ! BOOM! God is awesome

second off, for me, I'm a college student, and within my bible study we are going on a mission trip, to Arlington to help and serve that community.

third off, for me, I'm a college student, I am going to Arizona Saturday, for spring break, that will be my mission field.....maybe not to preach but to show the Love of God to people i encounter.

fourth off, for me, I'm a college student, I am going to Kenya in July to work and serve orphans and to show them the love of Christ.

I am a college student who lives on this earth to serve Jesus Christ, what are you? Who are you? What are you doing? Are you taking life for granted? Are you doing something?

I'm not here to preach but just to stress the importance of awareness. As believers in Jesus Christ the Kony 2012 video or the multitude of videos on youtube of starving chidlren or countries at war, they should mess us up! They should make us want to do something..... if not, then we need to re-evaluate a lot of things in our lives.

This Kony 2012 video, is not just a video, it's a real life event happening. Now I am not here to get you to understand Kony 2012, it's just a real life event happening that I know you all can relate too because you've seen the video.

It's our time to step up, people! Stop waiting for someone else to do it! It's our time! It's our time! It's our time! Let's go!!! We are God's hands and feet. It's time we stop wasting time and go to work! We aren't living on this earth for us! So we got to stop acting like it. Start with your campus.... It is totally possible to have a radical college movement to spread the word of God, but it has to start with us! Lets go!