Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012!

Hey guys, so I know I recently updated, but I thought I'd give a run down on my year.... being that it is December 31st. :)

Okay so let's hit the high points of each month! :) Be prepared for lots of pictures :)

  • I applied January 11 to go to Kenya!
  • Started my last semester of actual classes (not practicums or student teaching)
  • I had to come to a reality check with relationship stuff.
  • My lil sister turned 16!
  • Erin and I went to FanFest for her birthday where we got to see the Rangers up and personal!
Going to AFRICA!!

With Katie Hamilton

Getting Nolan Ryan's autograph

My sister's coronation!


  • Started fundraising for Kenya and raised half my money.
  • Got in a religious debacle with a lady.... turned out pretty cool, because my awesome bible study girls and I had a deep 4 hour bible study, where 2 of them gave their lives to Christ! The devil did not win that day!! :)
  • Pretty boring month actually....
Chillin in Physical Science haha
Bible Study girls!

Bible Study Girls at the lake


  • Spring Break to Arizona to spring training for the Texas Rangers!! A BLAST!
  • My entire trip was funded and paid for!!
  • I turned 21!!
  • First alcoholic beverage......not that good...actually not good at all! haha.
21st Birthday

21st Birthday

Spring Training

Saw Destiny at Spring Training

With Matt Harrison 


  • First Rangers Game! 
  • My bible study girls and I went on a mission trip to Arlington Texas, where we worked at Mission Arlington and got to go Rangers game! check out our story
First Rangers Game

Mission Trip to Arlington

Mission Arlington


  • Finished the semester
  • Moved into my own apartment with an awesome roommate!
  • Worked a LOT!


  • Worked a lot
  • Hung out with the girls
  • Weekend with my roommate to go watch the Rangers!
  • Spent a day in the hospital due to an anxiety attack gone bad.

In the hospital

Rangers game with the roommate!


  • AFRICA!!!!!
  • wanna read more about my trip across the pond check it out! Way too much to say to write it on here.... click here
  • or check some more out here
  • I met my boyfriend, but didn't know it at the time :)


  • Worked a lot in August
  • Officially started to "get to know" my boyfriend
  • Had my last first day of school as a student....EVER!
  • Started Upward Cheerleading as the Director and had 70 beautiful little girls!
First day of school

My squad at the beginning of the season


  • School kicked in quickly!
  • I started teaching!
  • Jeremy met my parents
  • Jeremy and I continued to "talk"
  • I got very active with Chi Alpha (college ministry)
  • Started going to First Assembly of God and LOVE IT!

My amazing cheer coaches!

First day of teaching


All my girls


  • I finally could call Jeremy my boyfriend... click here
  • School started kicking my butt!
  • Still lots of Cheerleading going on!
  • I think I literally became exhausted at this point
  • My sister and the Mineral Wells Volleyball team made Mineral Wells history!

At sisters volleyball game

Getting our dance on

My squad mid season


  • Semester was ridiculous!
  • I took Jeremy home for Thanksgiving
  • Jeremy was in a car accident (he's fine)
  • Cheerleading was officially over!
  • Jasmin and I took our boys on a scavenger hunt, and ended in a romantic picnic dinner!
Black Friday shopping

with mom and grandma

childhood friend and her children

sister, cousin, and me

with the boys

My squad at the end of the season!


  • My mom spent some time in the hospital, but she's okay! Thank you Jesus!
  • My amazing boyfriend got me a beautiful Christmas present
  • I finished the semester off with a 3.80 GPA
  • I went home for Christmas and spent it with my family.
  • Jeremy and I spent the last few days of December just relaxing!
  • My beautiful friend Jasmin got engaged to the awesome Marty!
First day and last day 

with the parents

present from Jeremy

I really do feel that through the year God has grown me and taught me so much. I do not live my life for me, but for God and to further his kingdom. I think this year my eyes were opened to so much. I saw starvation, physically and spirituality  I saw false teachings, I saw a church want only popularity, I saw friends surrender their lives, I experienced so much and through it all God revealed himself to me. I got to a point where i totally relied on him and he put the man of my dreams in my life. I saw him heal and bring restoration. I saw him change lives and impact lives forever! It was a great year! :)

So that's my year in a nutshell! It was a great year and I cannot express enough how much I thank all you who were a part of it! :)

Happy New Year and make 2013 count!