Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here I am Send Me! -Isaiah 6:8

So I, as well as many of my friends, have a heart to go off for a semester, summer, years ad be a missionary over seas. If I could go now....I would. I want to be in Peru so bad, but I know God isn't ready for me to head out yet. He needs me here at ASU, in Texas, and in the States.
To be honest, knowing that he will send me on his time makes me realize that my degree and time here in the states are a tool to help prepare me to go. The problem I am facing now is not to get so caught up with getting to Peru/ Instead I need to be focus on letting God use me here, as much as he wants and needs.

Story Time:: Last fall semester I was trying to get a trip together for Kim and I to go to Kenya on a mission trip. I have always wanted to do work in Africa...I had got the whole trip together and yet I wasn't feeling that's where God wanted/needed me. I kept pushing on because I really wanted to go to Kenya and work. By the time spring rolled around our parents were not at ease with our trip to Kenya, but all of a sudden a ten day trip to Peru opened up. Once we heard of it, a total peace came to our families and we knew that was God's plan for us. We got to go to Peru with some amazing friends and do some amazing work for God. I also got my calling while in Peru.

So why do I share that story? Because I know how easy it is to want to go off, and even though we have intentions of going for God if it's not what God wants, it's not right. For my friends and I we are here because God is using us here, but when God calls us we'll be ready.

I know I am suppose to be in Peru, but not quite yet. I am suppose to get my degree and stay here at least two more years and serve my God here before I move to Peru for awhile. So my prayer for those who are dealing with wanting to go off and serve.... make sure it's God's plan. My plan was to serve in Africa, and although I still want to go there eventually, I know God needs me in Peru. So be patient and wait on the Lord. He'll call you and then it'll be your time! :)

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