Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You can't do it on your own!!

You cant do it on your own....

So I'm twenty coming up on twenty-one in a few months. Every paycheck I take half my check and put it in my savings account and with the other half I use it on tithe, gas, food, taco Tuesday, and maybe a little shopping. My goal was to save enough money to pay for my apartment next semester. Do it on my own. Without my parents. To be independent. 

But here's what I know.... I can do it alone. My parents will have to rescue me, send me money, loan me money, eventually because things happen. But here's another thing I know, they don't do it because they have to but because they want to take care of their baby. Even if it's not giving money it's helping me learn to mansgr it. To take care of it. Yes they want me to be independent, learn how to manage money, become my own person...but I am their child and they will always be there for me.....why? Because they love me.

So you're probably saying what's this about Ashlee?!? Well just like my money situation with my parents always being there to help me.... Thats how God is. He's always there. I cannot live my life by myself. Even if God isn't giving me everything, he is giving me the tools. Just like my parents. 

I have known many people who become very prideful with their want to make it on their own....the thing is....we can't do it on our own....ever. So how do you overcome pride?!? Well first off let people help you. Let God help you. 

So whether you struggle with earthly pride like money or spiritual pride we have to accept help. I'll be real honest, I've strived my whole life to be independent but as the years go by i realize it's stupid. I cant do it alone. First off I need Jesus. He has to be the center of my life and everything I do. Second is I need my parents. They spent eighteen years supporting me and raising me, and just because I'm out of the house I still need their support and guidance and sometimes physical help.

So my challenge for myself and you is go accept help. Help doesn't make you weak but it humbles you. It trashes your pride. Because in reality we can't do anything in this world alone. Ever! I'm not saying be dependent on your parents or earthly things but you do need to be dependent on God. And one way is letting others help you. Most likely God has put them in your life to help you, guide you, and love you. So let them...... They just want what's best for you. Let God work and stop bring so prideful with what earthly things you have yet grateful for what you have and when others want to help.

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