Friday, July 27, 2012

So you want to help?

So you've seen my updates on Kenya, and would like to help?! Well I wanted to provide substantial amount of information on helping the country of Kenya.... (FYI: anything in the light red is a direct link to the pages you will need)

First and foremost! PRAY, God does a lot with prayer.

If you want to help the children on Kenya:

Sponsor a child, you can pick a plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget. When you sponsor a child, it helps support the child. Here are a few websites you can check out, if you'd like to help sponsor a chlild.

Mattaw Children's Village (please sponsor those sweet babies, I've met them all and they are so amazing and a gift from God.)

Compassion (one of the guys who works at Mattaw now was a Compassion child, and he will tell you, he got out of the slums due to Compassion)

Instep  (this is a baby house with 117 children, although it is not limited to babies, 75% of the house is under the age of 5.... You can look on their website and read each and every child's story)

If you want to go to Kenya to serve. Here is some links to check out.

Mattaw Children's Village : They currently have around 70 children, with the oldest around 14 and youngest at about 2.

InStep : Instep is a "baby" house. They currently have 117 children 75% of the children are under the age of 5.

Kenya is always in need of water solutions, bug nets, and men ministries. If God is calling you to work in Kenya, do some research and look up these two places I have posted.

If God isn't calling you to do a monthly gift, but a one time donation there is plenty of opportunies:

1. We are selling t-shirts for Berundi which is a local (in Kitale) rescue center. Children come straight off the street. On any day they can get 0-20 kids in... They are doing God's work to the best of their ability and changing the lives of the children, but we'd like to assist them by supplying clothes, mosquito nets, and bibles.

2. You can donate straight to Mattaw, Mattaw has their own school and are in the process of switching curriculum, so you can help buy new books. You can also help support the children by donating or even future builds at Mattaw.

Mattaw Children Village

Each Link, is a direct spot to where you need to go to make donations, sponsorship, or mission trips. I hope this helps. Even if you can't go across the world to help, God can use you RIGHT here. He can use you to change a life in Kenya. A few have expressed curiosity about being a part, so I thought I'd write this up, to answer some questions! Much love!

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