Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baseball is Back in Action

Well this weekend my lovely wonderful boyfriend took me to opening weekend at Ranger Stadium to celebrate our 6 month and my 22nd birthday! (I love that man!)

Anywho... this season is going to be a little different, the Rangers lost Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Mike Napoli, and Brandon Snyder.... But we're still gonna do big things....

However; I want to talk about Josh Hamilton....

The man claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I am no judge to that, and as far as I am concerned he is my brother in Christ.... I have read his book, I have watched him relapse, and I have cheered for him till I was blue in the face.

When Josh left he made some bold statements about Texas and his former team... statements such as "They aren't a true baseball town", little did he know, he just woke up the momma bear..

Think about it a mother bear for a minute.... they watch their cubs and take care of them... and when they feel threatened or that their cub has been hurt, all heck breaks loose.

So here is how I see it, Texas is the cub and the people in it are the momma bears. Little did Josh know, Texas has more Momma bears then he probably was expecting...

I was at the ballpark and every time Josh stepped up to bat, the boos were deafening ... he struck out 3 out of the 4 times and got walked once.... His record is at this point (i'm watching Sunday nights game) is 2-22..... NOT GOOD!!!

After Friday's game back in Texas Josh made some bold statements comparing his life to one of the most crucial times in Jesus Christ's life and made them his own......BOLD!

 "I will never take back what I said,'' Hamilton said, "until they show up every night for 30 years.''

"Once the alcohol got flowing good,'' Hamilton said, smiling. "Honestly, man, that was louder than any playoff game I've been to. They expressed themselves how they wanted to express themselves today.''

"Somebody came and shared that with me,'' Hamilton said. "Where did people get on Jesus the most? In his hometown. It's one of those things, where baseball-wise, this is my hometown. They got after it.''

These were just a few of the statements he made of the fans at Texas.... so here is my thoughts.

1. We stood near him through thick and thin and let me say 2 relapses. 
2. We supported him and still cheered for him when you were sucking it up big time last season.
3. Don't mess with Texas (I mean he lived here 5 years, surely he knew that was our motto)
4. Show grace..... even if we boo him, Jesus was booed yet still loved... he didn't come back with more vicious comments.
5. His wife shouldn't come to the games (totally different story, but seriously if you already have security and call for more because people said bad things to you, put your big girl panties on and deal with it.... you aren't the president, no one needs that much security, you knew the risk of coming to the game.)
6. Texas turned on him because he turned on us.... (was it right, probably not, but it goes back to the momma bear thing)

Here are some of my other thoughts....

A town can be both a baseball town and a football town. I have been a Ranger fan since I was 4 years old, and even when we had a horrific record and had no glimpse of hope to making it to the playoffs, that stadium was always filled.... We support our team, even when we lost game 6 in the world series, we supported. We stood near our team.....

I will also say, I know so many fans who supported him when him relapsed (both times) because like it or not, Texas (Ranger fans) are well known for their God fearing lives. We support. I know I don't know every fan or have statistics, but when a prayer is said at the ballpark or a christian band is at the ballpark, the ballpark is packed. 

I just am disappointed in him. I am saddened by his statements and his arrogance ... He isn't god. He is a baseball player, who in my opinion just signed a contract for way more than he is worth, and all I have to say is the poor angels... 

We are a baseball town. We will support our team, and we don't need him, but as momma bears we are going to protect our cub (Texas Rangers). 

Yesterday even Ian Kinsler, after Josh had struck out (AGAIN), Josh ran up to him, mid inning, and Ian looked at him and kept running away, which left Josh stranded in the middle all by himself....I wanted to yell......this is what you get when you dig yourself in a hole....

Now my beilefs on this.

Everybody deserves forgiveness, will he get it from all the fans? I don't think so, I think he will always get booed... I do think he will get a smaller dose of boos if he showed some humility and apologize. 

I mean it works that way for us too.... We screw up and say things we shouldn't have, but it's our job to take a humble attitude and ask for forgiveness... I think if Josh does that, then life will be easier on him when he comes back to Texas....

As far as my personal feelings go towards Josh, he's my brother in Christ, and I honor that...but I won't lie, I did my share of Boo-ing yesterday and when he struck out (three times) I cheered quite loudly..... Don't mess with our cub.... I am a big baseball fan, and I stick to my team.... As a Christian I respect him, but as a baseball player, no way jose.... He messed with the wrong Momma bear! 

Okay that's it......... GO RANGERS!! :)

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