Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Have you ever just walked into a public place and cried? Have you ever really looked around and seen more than just people? Have you ever opened your eyes to what is really in front of you?

Today I was walking to and from class and wanted to fall down and cry... i did make it to my car before is started crying though. But here is why i cry.

All around me i can hear the f-bomb, party talk, how to get "laid"....and things that I do NOT want to hear, but since i live in the world i hear it....and i realized that half the time we turn a deaf ear to it, and turn the other way. the little phrase "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" is crap if i say so myself. We can't not hear it...We can't not see we don't have to speak it.

If we were not to see it or to hear it...OMG this world would be perfect RIGHT?!?! But get real folks it's so evident, and the more we ignore it and the more we choose not to get out there with our beautiful feet, the farther the world gets from knowing God as their personal Lord and Saviour.

SO next time you're in public look around and see the lost, and reach a hand out. Whether that means, you give a homeless person a cup of coffee, help an elderly woman across the street, or give a meth addict a ride.......start reaching out, and don't be too afraid to cry..Cry for them, but don't just leave it at that....GO and help! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reach the UN-churched

So if you don't know me, my daddy is a pastor of a new church in Mineral Wells, Brazos Pointe Church. My dad's best friend from college also started a church in Conroe, Texas called Conroe Community Church. I am involved in a church start in San Angelo, Texas,San Angelo Church

Those are three churches that I have watched sprout from the ground. Each on of these churches are nothing like a "normal church". For example, most churches want you to "dress up", "speak the lingo", and are more worried about the people in than out of it. Each one has an idea of what a church should be.

Some of their main core values are simple, easy, and really important.
1. Look up (Seek God first)
2. Look out (Look at your dying community)
3. Look in (then look at yourself/and the church).

Many times i think we get this list backwards...we look 1.up 3. out or sometimes we get so caught up with the "Christian Lifestyle" We look 1. in. 2. up. 3. out.

So this challenge is start looking out. Whether you are in a church or not, whether you are shy our outgoing. Whether you have screwed up more that did life right. LOOK OUT!

Seriously people, we have to reach outwards. I don't wanna make you have the idea that i am always looking out, and that i have my life sooo together, because thats a bunch of bull honkey. I have screwed up just as much as anybody, and many times i forget to look out more than I look in. But it's time for us to change.

So look out this week! What can you start to do, what conversations can you have, and who can you help?


I do not mean to crash the "Christian Lifestyle" I am not hating it or think it's stupid. Actually i love the life as a Christian; however, it is when it becomes self-righteous, looking inward, and no longer worried about non-Christians, when i cannot stand it! Just clearing some stuff up! :)

No Distance to Far

So I am sure many of us are familiar with the story of the man, who was lowered in from the roof to see Jesus, because his friends knew Jesus could help. Right? It's found in Luke 5:17-25

I think we are slacking... It's a bold thing to say, but hey someone has to make the observation. Look around your little world. I have a few questions as you look around.

1. Is it just Christian friends?
2. Have you locked yourself inside a mindset, that you should be inside a building surrounded my Christians all the time?
3. And finally, when was the last time you went the extra mile to help a friend see Jesus?

If you answered yes to the first two and I don't remember to the third. REALITY CHECK TIME!!!

Here is my challenge, look around your world and go that extra mile to show the love of Jesus to your friends. Now that does not mean being self-righteous or pious, it does not mean quoting scripture on Facebook, or talking the "Christian lingo".

It means be real. Relate to them, show them that you are no better than them. We are all sinners and by God's grace we are saved, and that even as Christians we still screw up, and no we shouldn't, but since we are human, we do...and God forgives us.

We need to tear down roofs and bring our friends to know Jesus Christ. We surrounding our-selfs in a Christian world is stupid. Yes, we need Christian friends. In the body of Christ that is how we get encouraged, get helped, but we also learn to be disciples. And with that call of duty we cannot lock ourselves in a life that is fake. The world is HUGE, and we as Christians need to get out and go to the world and serve, and lower our friends down from the roof of a building to see Jesus Christ.

There is no distance to far for us, or at least there shouldn't be. So when was the last time you went the extra mile?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Being stuck/satisfied

So how many times do we feel stuck? Stuck in a place where no matter where you go or where you try you cant get out. This "stuck" can be in many locations....
1. stuck in a bad spot
2. stuck in a good spot
3. stuck in constant routine
4. stuck in similarity.

Being stuck means you have become satisfied. I refuse to believe that as Christians we should ever become satisfied. Once we become satisfied we lose sight of our purpose.

1. Churches become satisfied with their 300 for attendance every Sunday
2. We become satisfied with our small group of friends of 20 or 30
3. We become satisfied with a a bowl of cereal for dinner every night
4. We become satisfied with a C

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but i believe we all have been "satisfied". I for instance became satisfied with what i deserve in life. I actually lowered my standards for my life during high school, because I was satisfied with bad relationships, B's and C's, and just going to church because i was suppose to. It wasn't until my junior year that i realized that being satisfied was not an option.

So you now are probably scratching your head saying i'm satisfied with many things. But what is the definition of satisfied? Webster describes it as... "feeling or showing self-satisfaction."

As Christians we should never be satisfied with ourselves. Yes be proud of yourself, love yourself, enjoy yourself, but don't be satisfied. You have to continually boast yourself up to do better.

Now to be better I don't mean be an all-star Christian, because that would make you self-righteous. Here is what i mean don't be satisfied when you invite twenty people to church and only one comes. There are still 19 who need Jesus. Yes rejoice and be happy to have that one in church, but remember there are still 19 more out there that need Jesus.

Okay enough for tonight. Don't be stuck or satisfied. Keep moving. Keep having those beautiful feet :)