Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reach the UN-churched

So if you don't know me, my daddy is a pastor of a new church in Mineral Wells, Brazos Pointe Church. My dad's best friend from college also started a church in Conroe, Texas called Conroe Community Church. I am involved in a church start in San Angelo, Texas,San Angelo Church

Those are three churches that I have watched sprout from the ground. Each on of these churches are nothing like a "normal church". For example, most churches want you to "dress up", "speak the lingo", and are more worried about the people in than out of it. Each one has an idea of what a church should be.

Some of their main core values are simple, easy, and really important.
1. Look up (Seek God first)
2. Look out (Look at your dying community)
3. Look in (then look at yourself/and the church).

Many times i think we get this list backwards...we look 1.up 3. out or sometimes we get so caught up with the "Christian Lifestyle" We look 1. in. 2. up. 3. out.

So this challenge is start looking out. Whether you are in a church or not, whether you are shy our outgoing. Whether you have screwed up more that did life right. LOOK OUT!

Seriously people, we have to reach outwards. I don't wanna make you have the idea that i am always looking out, and that i have my life sooo together, because thats a bunch of bull honkey. I have screwed up just as much as anybody, and many times i forget to look out more than I look in. But it's time for us to change.

So look out this week! What can you start to do, what conversations can you have, and who can you help?


I do not mean to crash the "Christian Lifestyle" I am not hating it or think it's stupid. Actually i love the life as a Christian; however, it is when it becomes self-righteous, looking inward, and no longer worried about non-Christians, when i cannot stand it! Just clearing some stuff up! :)

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