Monday, July 12, 2010

testing faith

Every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, and every minute we send up prayers. "We ask God for what we need, and we thank him for what we have", but then there are those occasions when our prayers don't get answered like we wanted them too. It is when that happens our faith is tested.

STORY TIME:: A young girl had her "prince charming" list made out, all the things she wanted in her husband. A list she had spent years praying over and knowing that, that man on her paper was the man she needed. She prayed and prayed. When she met the guy who fit the list, and it didn't work out between the two. Her faith was tested. How could God take something that seemed so right away? And why would he do that to that girl? It wasn't until about 6 month later, that she realized God had somebody who went over and beyond her idea of "prince charming"

STORY TIME:: A family lost their jobs. 3 sweet babies sitting at home, the threat of losing the home, and being tossed out on the street became very real. After months of praying and losing faith, they finally got a blessing in the mail, but it was 3 months of grueling heartache, and prayers not being answered like they wanted it too.

So when time gets rough and heart ache hits, stay positive. If prayers don't go YOUR way, then stay positive. Because the bottom line is ((God sees the big picture)) we're just seeing a few pixels of the big picture.

So challenge time:: when troubles get rough praise God instead of throwing a pity party. NOW with that said, I don't mean getting all sappy. My friend wrote a song, and he said "If I'm stuck in these trenches, I wanna be stuck with you" For the longest time I didn't understand those words, mainly because I was so mad at God myself, but as I started to listen to God, I realized that if things aren't going OUR way, and it's not how we want them to do, then being with God in our rut is the best thing in the world.

So relax and let God love you :)

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